Saturday, August 17, 2013

138. Tokyo - Fresh Fruit Cocktails at Library Lounge THESE (Tokyo: Minato-ku, Nishiazabu / 東京都: 港区, 西麻布)

After filling our stomachs with gigantic bowls of udon, Kristen led us down some dark Roppongi alleyways to discover this hidden library lounge called THESE tucked away amongst other bars, lounges, and restaurants that only the locals frequent.  Most of the guests are seated throughout the downstairs lounge area, but we were led up the side stairs to a lofty location where the lounge opens up with an outdoor patio.  The upstairs lounge has a more intimate feel with its cozy couches and soft lighting. 

Rather than bringing menus to the guests, the staff brings a basket of fresh seasonal fruit for its guests to select from.  From peaches to passion fruit, pears to pineapple, the bartender pairs the selected fruit with a liquor of choice.  Ken selected watermelon, which the bartender shook with vodka.  Kristen picked a peach, which was a prime selection for the Japanese summer.  The bartender paired the peach with Schnapps.  I went for the passion fruit, and the bartender sliced it up and infused it into some champagne. 

The plush seating makes for a very relaxed atmosphere, and the closed off lounge areas are suitable for intimate dates or even countless hours of catching up with old friends.  These Library Lounge was definitely a highlight during my time in Tokyo.  Many thanks to Kristen for donning the tour guide role that day.  We headed back to the hotel for a little shut eye because we planned to be back up in just a couple of hours to head to the world famous Tsukiji Market.  Until then, let's all get S.O.F.A.T.

Library Lounge THESE
東京都 港区 / Tokyo Metropolis, Minato Ward
西麻布 2-15-12 / Mishiazabu District, 2 Chome 15-12

カルテットビル 1F / Quartet Building, 1st floor

ML - 20130627

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