Monday, July 19, 2010

Post 26.7: Vancouver - Day 2 (Lunch)

After the large sushi 'breakfast,' my terimayo Japadog was the perfectly-portioned afternoon snack to hold me over until dinner.  Not only was the Japadog perfect in portion, it was perfect in flavor and taste as well.  Since first hearing about Japadog, I have been overly excited to try what Vancouver Magazine called one of the 101 Things to eat and drink before you die.  And oh, it did not disappoint.  In fact, this first experience with Japadog has inspired me to write a haiku... errr... many haikus in its honor.  Forewarning: I am no Japanese poet.

Japadog stand! At the corner of Smithe & Burrard in Downtown Vancouver.

I write a haiku
in Vancouver summertime
for you, Japadog...

Line up! Lunch crowd of both locals and tourists form.

Japanese food yum
American hot dog yum
Together, better!

All different kinds of terimayo Japadog.  The entire menu is here.

Which one do you like?
Popular terimayo?
Oroshi good too.

Bragging rights.  Celebrity visitors include Ice-T and Daniel Dae Kim from Lost.

Edamame good
beef, spicy cheese, turkey great
kurobuta best!

The kurobuta (pork) terimayo Japadog.  Strips of nori are sprinkled on top.

Costco dog yummy
cannot compare to J'dog
Oiishi desu...

Service with a smile.  All the Japadog employees are extremely enthusiastic and welcoming.

Just a few minutes
you'll see happy Japanese
say arigato!

Alright, so my haikus started off alright and ended up in broken English... and the ending could be misconstrued as slightly racist (though it's not).  I think I'll stick to writing non-poetic English is simple paragraph form now. 

And Japadog, I will return for your okonomiyaki, edamame, and spicy cheese flavors next time.  I seriously can't believe I didn't eat more of this stuff.  This Japadog situation is damn. diddly. delicious.

Vancouver Magazine 2008 list of things to taste before you die is here.

Vancouver Magazine 2009 list can be viewed here.

Next post: Guu's guud izakaya

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  1. your haikus are good
    your pictures make me hungry
    i fail at haikus :(

    ...but i've always wanted japadogs! :) thanks for posting! i want to go on these foodventures with you :P

  2. your haiku is good
    it's better than mine for sure
    haiku for the win