Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post 5: A Rainy Day Update

Halfway through January and still no job offers yet. I'm beginning to comb through the ETC of the Craigslist jobs section to see what kinds of listings are posted. Study for toenail fungus? Not I. Sperm donor? Not a chance. Things are beginning to look dim. Literally. Gray clouds and heavy rain is pouring through...

So what should my next post be about? Most of the previous posts involved more food than travel... so maybe it's time to take a trip? I did have a bottle of Canadian iced wine at dinner last night. And right afterward a friend from Canada texted saying that she had a Japadog for lunch. Hmmm... signs point to the neighbor to the north.

Texts (verbatim):

USA: What's a japadog?
CAN: Its like a hotdog but jap style. Do u guys have those? It's really popular here u gotta line up forever.
USA: How is it japanese style? Does it have curry on top or something?
CAN: No there r diff flavours but u can get like teriyaki sauce and mayo and they put seaweed and onions or u can put bonito flakes and they have okonomiyaki flavour. Its really good. Trust me. I had to wait outside today for like 30 mins to get one!!

30 minutes doesn't sound too bad from a Los Angeles standpoint (like waiting for a bowl of ramen at Daikokuya). But... put into perspective... Canada has fewer people and smaller city centers (centres for the Canadians), so 30 mins for a 'Japadog' must mean that that hot dog is absolutely delicious. Hmmm... time to search up some flights?

Prep the couch, A.T., Michael's coming to Canada!

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  1. btw. japadogs are SO bomb. that even ice cube waits 30 mins for one.