Friday, July 23, 2010

Post 26.9: Vancouver - Night 2

Earlier in the day Amanda and I attended the Taiwanese Film Festival that happened to be in town.  The TWFF organization set up shop at Vancouver's International Film Centre.  It was really heart-warming to see a significant Taiwanese population supporting the push to have more representation in the film industry.


We watched No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Cannot Live Without You), a film about a father's struggle to hold onto his daughter while the pressures of society's laws and bureaucracy pull in the opposite way.  (Wow, can I be more general?) It's a definitely heart-wrenching, tear-inducing film... more than half the theatre audience was sniffling and wiping away tears by the end of the film.  It didn't help that it was based off a true story.  No worries if you have trouble with Mandarin, Taiwanese, or Hakka (all three are spoken in the film)... that's what the subtitles are for! See the trailer here and the other films here.

To close off our fun-filled day of everything Japanese (and a little Taiwanese), Amanda took me to a Japanese snack and candy shop to explore my favorite tooth-decaying treat of all time... Kit Kat! Niiiiice.  See what I found:

Japanese matcha green tea flavor and cherry blossom with matcha green tea.

Framboise flavor and raspberry & passion fruit flavored Kit Kat.

Canada's hazlenut-infused Kit Kat flavor.

And I couldn't resist these little maple creams that I found.  Gahhh... the maple syrup cream literally bursts with each bite.  I planned to bring these back to the States as gifts, but... I ate them all even before we got back on the metro.  Fail.

These little sugary treats and our pit-stop at Urban Fare definitely lifted our spirits.  Woot for an awesome day of food and film in Vancouver.  Can't wait for tomorrow!

Next spot: Ostrich congee

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