Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post 26.11: Vancouver - Day 3 (Lunch)

After relishing in hot bowls of congee, we retreated back to some very comfortable couches to watch a certain favorite comedy of mine.  Hint: it involves a giant purple plane on hydraulics, Snoop Dogg as Capt. Mack... and M'onique terrorizing travelers at the metal detector of Terminal Malcolm X.  If you know this movie and can recite lines from it like I can, I think we can be very good friends.

But as soon as the plot (is there even a plot to this movie?) unfolded, my stomach started growling again.  No, congee is not a very sustaining kind of food... so it was time for a rejuvenation of protein and carbohydrates in the form of pho. 

Afterwards, Amanda took me to Burnaby Mountain for some beautiful sights, fresh smells, and entertaining stories about the history of the Canadian natives.  (Amanda, you're welcome to leave a comment to let everyone know about the natives of Canada.)

The sun had been out earlier in the weekend.  If the sun wasn't so shy, the views would extend to the far reaches of British Columbia's lower mainland.  Too bad!

And we paid a little visit to the massive totem poles.  Well, I paid a visit to the totem poles while Amanda scrambled to take pictures before the battery ran out... and before water started falling from the sky.  How quickly it turned from sunny to gloomy to raindrops... it must be because I was heading back home the next day.  Hah.

If it wasn't so gloomy, I would spend hours here just soaking up the peace and calm (just tune out the dozens of tourists) and perhaps bring up a special someone... but it was gloomy, and I didn't hear anything but families with screaming babies in strollers... DTP! Time to go!

Next post: Vancouver's annual Summer Night Market

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