Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post 11.2: Grand Central Market (LA: Downtown)

Although our afternoon plans were to run errands, they were quickly changed to partake in some cupcake (Plan B).  However, we decided to round the corner and head toward Grand Central Market on Broadway & 5th.  I guess you could call this Plan C now...? Oh, what are plans for a lazy, rainy, Tuesday afternoon anyway?

The name fits the bill.
The marketplace's grandeur sits in the center of Downtown.

So what's at Grand Central Market? Just about everything.  Fresh produce, a butcher and his fridge of fresh fowl, taquerias and pupuserias, smoothies and froyo, a liquor station, a multi-cultural apothecary (Mexican medicines and spicy Salonpas included), cheap Chinese massages, and even a stand that specializes in two dozen different chili peppers.  From serranos to poblanos, you name it... it's there.

Take a deep breath.
I can feel the air fill my lungs when I first step in... each time and every time.

While strolling through the market, we caught a glimpse of a spicy shrimp ceviche that put twinkles in our eyes.  We ordered the ceviche on a tostada... for the extra crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.  There's nothing like the heat from a Mexican salsa that refuels the appetite.

 What the fork? 
Eating the ceviche without utensils is a difficult task.

Rina couldn't resist but to grab some yogurt on the way out.  (I don't go one week without being asked if I am Japanese or Korean for some reason.)  The froyo attendant was the one who so boldly asked me this time.

Attendant: Are you Korean?
ML: No... but she is! (pointing at RK)
RK: (smiles) Are... you... Korean?
Attendant: I'm Mongolian.
ML/RK: (pause) uh...
Attendant: ... from independent Mongolia.
ML: Cool... (awkward)... thank you! Bye!

Well, that was a first.  Mongolian! I think she really wanted to chat.  (No one was buying any froyo from her, so I think she was finding ways to cure her boredom.)  My genuine interest in Asian culture, history, and politics prompted me to stay and find out more about Mongolia and its people, but my genuine interest in more food prompted me to jump along to our next stop in our gastronomic gluttony of an afternoon.  Next time I return to Grand Central Market, I really think I'm going to stop and have a little chat with her.

So until then, let's all get S.O.F.A.T. 

ML - 20100304/20100209

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