Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post 2: New Year, New Twist on Korean

I love Korean food. The glistening red juice from fermented cabbage brings a gleam to my eye; the crackling sound of the crispy outer layer of seafood pancake is music to my ears, and the smell of grilled marinated meat instantly makes my mouth water. However, for loving Korean food this much, I'm truly surprised at myself. I have never once attempted to make anything remotely Korean. (Thus far, my best Korean cooking has been adding hot water to instant Shin Ramyun.) So here's my first attempt at making something Korean, inspired by my love for Korean pork belly, kimchi, and... Brussels sprouts! o.O


1.  pork belly (PB) or Korean bacon - cut into thick strips

2.  Brussels sprouts - sliced into hemispheres

3.  kimchi and kimchi juice from the epic jar of kimchi
4.  green onions - as you wish
5.  salt and pepper (S&P) 
6.  steamed white rice


Step 1. Cook rice via rice cooker.

Step 2. Bring the water to a boil. Add the pork belly into a hot skillet; S&P the PB.

Step 3. Add salt to the boiling water; blanch the Brussels sprouts. Brown the PB.

Step 4. Drain the water; add the sprouts to the pork belly.
S&P again; toss in green onions and kimchi juice.

Step 5. Let the ingredients sizzle for another minute or so. Plate, and serve with steamed white rice.

Voila! Yes, it's strange. (Not gonna lie.) And I'm not quite sure how Korean you can actually call this dish. But... it IS Korean-inspired, and it's more delicious than it is strange. A symbiotic balance of flavors is created with the combination of savory meat, spicy kimchi, and just a tad of sweet from the Brussels sprouts. The smorgasbord of various flavors on a bed of fluffy, white rice allows the taste buds from every corner of your tongue to stand at attention. Pure heaven.

So unless Brussels sprouts truly make you nauseous, I think you will enjoy this new twist on Korean. Until next time, let's all get

Grace, for introducing me to your baked bacon and Brussels sprouts dish...
, for feeding me home-made Korean food all the time...

Rina, for spawning my love for kimchi everything with your kimchi cheegae...
Thanks everyone for helping me get started on my first post... much appreciated.

ML - 20100110

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