Friday, March 18, 2011

Post 49: St. Patrick's Dad

I've always celebrated St. Patrick's Day in one way or another.  When I was younger I made sure to scrutinize each classmate's outfit in order to sneak in a painful pinch.  Later in my college days, I made sure to have a mug of green beer in my hand.  And now as a full-time working professional (wow, that sounds makes me sound more mature than I actually am), St. Patrick's Day does not go without shamrock-shaped holiday cards... and a shot or two of Baileys.  Hey, ya can't blame a guy for getting into the spirit, right?

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and yes, I wore green.  I was beyond enthused for my post-work Irish activities, but alas, I stayed late in the office and had an even later tour guides' meeting afterward.  Being the responsible, full-time working professional that I am, I decided to call it a night and head home after the meeting.  I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to celebrate Pat's day this year, but when I got home my dad had just finished plating some homemade corned beef and cabbage for me to have as a late-night snack.  Awesome! I had forgotten that my dad was even more into the Irish spirit than I was.  Ever since I had discovered my love for corned beef in the fourth grade, my dad has made the dish every year on March 17.  And he even wears green too.

The corned beef made me happy.  And I took it with me to lunch the next day too.  So here's to you, St. Patrick's Dad.  Happy St. Patrick's Day! Until next time, let's all get S.O.F.A.T.

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