Thursday, March 10, 2011

F.A.T. News 4: Sleeping in the Restaurant

I visited Nobu for the first time in January, and I recently returned from a quick 30 hour trip to Vegas.  I thought these articles would be appropriate as F.A.T. news.

A restaurant hotel, the cause and solution of the food coma:
Pricey Nobu restaurant chain wants to tuck you in after dinner in Vegas
article by Barbara de Lollis, USA TODAY

Staying at the M:
Which restaurant chain would work best as hotel chain: McDonald's
article by Barbara de Lollis, USA TODAY

At first I thought it might have been a bit strange for a restaurant like Nobu to venture into the hotel business, but both Hooters, Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood have already developed their hotel counterparts in Vegas.  And the restaurant and hospitality business has always been fused together.  I guess it's not such a novel concept after all, eh?

Which reminds me... it's probably time to post about my time at Nobu, huh?

Next post: Nobu Los Angeles

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