Monday, March 28, 2011

F.A.T. News 5: Kiwis Doin' It Right

Browsing through the travel section of USA Today, I came across two articles mentioning Air New Zealand

Who wants to be the little spoon?
How to sleep - or cuddle - in economy class
article by Laura Bly, USA TODAY

Would you actually pay attention?
Air New Zealand's latest video takes humor to new heights
article by Laura Bly, USA TODAY

I'm not sure how cuddling during turbulence would work, but the couple in the image seem comfortable beyond REM status.  Props to Air New Zealand for the SkyCouch concept.

And props to them for switching up the same old in-flight safety instruction video.  Looks like the Kiwis are doin' it right. Hopefully the Sweet Potatoes' EVA Air and China Airlines will take a hint.  But if you've ever flown a Taiwanese airline and actually paid attention to the safety instructions, it's going to be tough to film that in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English... with Japanese subtitles.

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