Monday, November 1, 2010

Post 38.3: LA Times Review - Providence

A review of Providence was published in the LA Times last week.

The five year mark:
The Review: Providence
review by S. Irene Virbila, LA Times

Our meals crossed at the spaghetti alla chitarra, melon soup and petit fours (she uses the term mignardises).  Yes, a few too many ingredients in the spaghetti, but I didn't think the plating was clumsy.  I immediately saw the uni placed on the bed of noodles, but it could have been coincidence that it landed there... or that my eyes focus on uni since it's one of my favorite foods.

I admired the meticulously prepared shrimp baked in salt as well.  We passed on the cheese cart.  Oh, does that cheese cart smell... my goodness.  But... where were our squid and chorizo lollies?

I liked that the writer noticed all the different groups of people in the restaurant, particularly the friends splurging... although she may have missed a few business dinners here and there and perhaps not just the couple on a date but the guy who takes the girl out for the sole purpose of getting lucky.  Good-looking confident guy and shy and naturally pretty girl.  Yep, we saw that.  Wink.

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