Thursday, May 27, 2010

Post 24: Sleepless without Seattle

Eagerly awaiting my first big trip of the year, I have been suffering from a mild case of... of... err... I've been so sleep-deprived that I've forgotten the term for not being able to fall asleep! (And just when I finished typing the last sentence, the word INSOMNIA came screeching to a halt at my fingertips...) I've been suffering from insomnia. My solution has neither been to count sheep nor has it been to drink a glass of warm milk. Considering that I lack the lactase enzyme to process dairy, I think milk (warm or cold) just might continue keeping me awake... but for a much different reason. By the way, does anyone know why people count sheep to fall asleep?

My solution for my insomnia has been to play this song on repeat.  It was passed along to me from oolong-milktea (thank you, sir) to jumpstart the excitement for our trip to Seattle this weekend.  Eek.  I think the excitement from watching the music video is what is keeping me from sleeping.  Yet it's also the calm from the same video that is caressing me into slumber.  Funny how life works, huh?

Two days left until Seattle... whoo hoo! The last time I visited Seattle was on an Asian tour bus en route to Vancouver after graduating high school... I'm not sure if I remember much from that trip, honestly.  I'm just expecting some really crisp, clean, fresh air.  And rain? Maybe I'm too used to the sun here in So Cal, but I can't imagine the rain in Seattle just yet.  I'm excited for Pike's Place Market, the Space Needle, and maybe a possible ferry ride or two.  I'm going to try this concept of packing lightly for the first time (3 bags in Chicago, 2 bags in NYC, maybe 1 bag to Seattle?)... we'll see if I can actually cram everything into one carry-on.  Until our return from the rainy city, let's go S.O.F.A.T.
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  1. oooh get the fried donuts from the stand at pike place market!!! and don't forget clam chowder and fish & chips from the one restaurant inside the market- they're a can't miss! the russian bakery right across the street from pike's too. :P sorry my directions are kind of vague...but they're so popular you'll be able to find them if you ask someone. just some stops my family hits whenever we go (every other summer since i was 6).