Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post 14.1: Unavoidable Costs

It's that time of year again!

They set up shop right outside the front entrance to the supermarket, and they tempt you with calls of solicitation... they make it extremely difficult for you to avoid them.  How annoying! As they try to guilt trip you with their looks, you deliberately avoid eye contact and side-step your way into the store.  Success.  You have made it past them without even reaching for your wallet.

But this is where the guilt trip begins.  As you pick up the shopping basket, you start thinking... just a few dollars would really support their organization.  But of course you know that those few dollars can buy your family another gallon of milk.  Oh, but the guilt sneaks in...  You think... it's not like their organization is shady or anything.  The devil and the angel in your thought cavity play tug-of-war as you continue to shop... Milk.  2%.  Expiration date? Good enough.  Moving on...

Somewhere between picking up the loaf of Oroweat and swiping your Mastercard at the check-out stand, you had successfully shoved the guilt of avoiding those solicitors to the back of your mind.  But as the double-doors open to expose the sunlight and the crowded parking lot, the guilt that you tried so hard to keep suppressed came tumbling back.  You now realize that the ever-persistent Girl Scout and her ever-supportive mom have won the guilt trip battle.  You have lost... terribly. 

"One box of Thin Mints, please," you say, while the look of guilt spreads across your face.

Yes, it is that time of year again... the time of year when the scouts camp out in store fronts, when you start counting the calories per serving, and when the cash comes flying out of your wallet in multiples of $4... and you say, once again, "This is really the last year..."

Until your actions follow your words... let's get S.O.F.A.T.

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