Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Non-F.A.T. Post 1: Clippers vs. Spurs

If you get S.O.F.A.T. you gotta balance it out and slim down with some non-F.A.T., right?

Uhh... that may have been a failed attempt at being witty.  What I meant to say was that this post is not really a story of food and travel (S.O.F.A.T.), and thus it's a non-F.A.T. post.  I just wanted to show some pics and gloat about my birthday present from my buddy oolong-milk tea.  He's not very good at remembering dates, so I was quite surprised to find a birthday card in the mailbox... containing tickets to the Clippers-Spurs game.  Like... whoa.

Before the game started, Duke laid out a spread of asada and al pastor tacos from El Gallito taco truck.  It was complete with grilled onions and a salsa buffet... and in true Duke fashion, there was a mile-high stack of napkins.  You never know when those come in handy... seriously.  I usually visit El Gallito in Pasadena after a night of ever-so-slight accidental inebriation, but sober or not, El Gallito has some really awesome tacos.  Why I didn't take any photos of the tacos is beyond me.  I think I was just excited for my first live basketball game.

My second fail was a complete and utter lack of pictures from the game play itself.  Call me a noob, but I was just in awe of the whole experience.  Tim Duncan was... right... there.  For once I could say I was in the same room as Tim Duncan.  And Blake Griffin was absolutely mesmerizing to watch live.  His first dunk completely caught me off guard... he flew from floor to hoop in the blink of an eye, literally.  And all I could do was stare wide-eyed with my mouth gaping open.  This was an awesome experience.  It was like watching my first baseball game at Dodger Stadium with my ah gong when I was little.  But c'mon, Michael! Remember to take pictures!

Thanks, D.
Clippers 90, Spurs 85.

ML - 20101213/20101201

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