Wednesday, October 13, 2010

F.A.T. News 2: Restaurant Reviews

I read a few pieces on two new restaurants this morning, both of which feature a hint (maybe more) of Taiwanese influence on their menu.  Here is some F.A.T. news for you:

Late-night romp in the Lower East Side:
Xiao Ye
review by Sam Sifton, NY Times

Nothing but creative fusion:
A Vegas Wedding for China and Mexico, Under the Chef José Andrés
article by Glenn Collins, NY Times

I wouldn't mind some Taiwanese dishes or xiaoye (late-night meal) after a night of drinking in the Big Apple...

... and I'd gladly make the trip to Vegas to try out the crab and mango siu mai dumplings, the duckless duck and the tres lychees cake.  I'm loving the names already.

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  1. Xiao Ye owner's mom wrote him a letter after the scathing NYTimes review was published. Such a Taiwanese mom haha

  2. Wow, awesome... thanks for linking me, Andy. I used to get e-mails like that back when I was in school.. now it's text messages!

    I'm still having trouble leaving comments on your posts.. what's goin' on?

    BTW, I the shot of the line for Uniqlo in Taipei is awesome. I agree.. We seriously need some Uniqlo love here in LA.