Friday, September 24, 2010

Post 34.3: Korean-Chinese Food, Part 3

This continued post on Korean-Chinese instant noodles may perhaps be a slap in the face for Korean-Chinese food enthusiasts.  Perhaps it may even be slight blasphemy that I categorize instant jjajangmyeon under authentic Korean-Chinese food.  If it's any consolation to Korean-Chinese food lovers, I can tribute to post to the original jjajangmyeon from the warm kitchens of the Korean-Chinese who invented it.  Worshipers of jjajangmyeon must have craved the originally homemade noodle so much and became so impatient over its prolonged preparation that someone came up with the instant noodle version to satiate all those impatient palates.  Props to instant gratification.

I am a victim of hunger and impatience as well.  My solution for the new obsession over these Korean noodles in black bean paste was a trip to H Mart, where the cashier was an exemplary model of instant gratification himself.  Probably hungry from standing for hours at the register, the cashier satisfied his hunger by taking intermittent bites from a fried chicken leg (probably from the supermarket deli) while scanning the barcodes of the many brands of instant jjajangmyeon on the conveyor belt.  Looks like that Snickers commercial got to his head.  Hungry? Why wait? 

Curious to see what I bought? Why wait? Here are the other instant jjajangmeyon that I threw into the shopping basket... and how they turned out.

Unconfirmed identity.  Koreans regard jjajangmyeon is Chinese.

Step by step.  The powdered seasoning and veggies get cooked with the noodles first.

Noodle surfing.  The black bean paste sits waits to be mixed in with the ramen.

A mixed result.  Glistening black bean paste noodles ready for consumption.

I haven't tried this one just yet, but I think three packages of MSG-ridden instant noodles is way more than my body to handle in one week.

Jjajang men.  Yes, I am a jjajang man.

I took the bowl noodle to work for lunch, and I accompanied it with Kimmy's homemade haemul pajeon and a mini tub of kimchi.  Yum.

Anyone speak Korean? I have no idea what bokki means here.

The usual suspects.  The typical seasoning and soup base packets from within.

A sand dune of MSG. 
The seasoning for this package looks deadly.

It's all here.  Protein, carbs, veggies, and deliciousness.

After pumping my body full of mono... mono... monosodium gluta... gluta... gluta... oiii... I need water... I think it's probably a good idea to stay away from instant packaged meals for a while.  My next meals with be cooked... the traditional way.  Until next time, let's all get S.O.F.A.T.

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