Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post 32.1: Text Messages to Yoo

If your last name happens to be Yoo, Kim, or Choi, it's pretty often that you will get an unexpected text message (or perhaps it's expected by now) from me that may read something like this:

i was just thinkin bout haemul
pajeon and i swear there's a
drop of drool on my shirt..


OMG im craving HAEMUL PA
JEON right now.. GAHHHHHH..
bring me some PAJEON!

or perhaps...

PAJEON!!!!! haemuuuull pa
jeeeeooonnn + kimchiiiii... i
need it NOW please, like 
NOWWW... dies.

Last night Mr. Yoo helped me realized how utterly ridiculous it is for me to start texting anyone who is Korean in my phonebook everytime I get a craving for anything remotely Korean.  It'd be like someone texting me about Taiwanese or Chinese food items just because that person was craving it at that specific moment.  Those potential text messages may read something like this:

i cant sleep at night thinking
about taiwanese oyster pan
cake.. im dying thinking about
uh ah jzen.. oyster pancake
oyster pancake OYSTER PAN


i want some XIAOLONGBAO
right now! ohhhHhhHhHHhhhh...
DTF dumplings how i luuuuvvv

or perhaps...

WE PLZZZZ get some lu rou
nom nom nom nom

Yeah, extreme ridiculousness.  And if you're ever on the receiving end of those text messages (apologies to all surnamed Yoo, Kim, and Choi in my phonebook), that's pure randomness right there.

So thank you for that revelation, Mr. Yoo.  I may stop myself from sending those texts out when I can't sleep at night... dreaming about haemul pajeon... but in honor of the possible termination of random text messages, I will dedicate a post to (no, not haemul pajeon because I've done that already) my newfound love... kalbi jjim.

See next post.

ML - 20100831


  1. funny that you mentioned that because I've been craving Chinese food recently and actually got to try some new stuff.

    What I have tried/eaten this past week:
    - scallion pancakes
    - lamb burger
    - spicy jirou and beef skewers
    - xiao long bao (crab meat)
    - pork and chive dumplings
    - fried biaozi (sheng jian bao)
    - daikon/turnip cake (luóbo gāo)
    - Shanghai Style Rice Cake
    - rice noodle (cherng fun)
    - peking duck sandwich
    - vege egg rolls
    - fried rice
    - milk tea boba

    wow, i didn't realize i ate so much chinese food. but that was 3 days! lol

  2. Hi Rose, glad you tried all those new things! I'm pretty sure you've had some of those before (scallion pancakes, fried rice, boba), hahaha.. I definitely have some plans to partake in some delish Chinese food this weekend too!

    P.S. Careful with your pinying; baozi and biaozi are very different! hahahaha, I know you know what both of those are too! =P