Friday, July 15, 2011

F.A.T. News 8: The Glory Days of Airline Travel

I was browsing through the Travel section of the Times when I found this electronic flip book of sorts.

This would make a cool, non-Kindle kind of book:
Airline travel then and now
graphics reporting and interactivity by Tia Lai, LA Times

We don't quite live in the glitz and glamour of the Pan Am days, but traveling around is still pretty cool.  Since we can't exactly travel back in time, we can definitely tune in to Pan Am, the new TV series airing in the fall on ABC.

Makes me want to be a pilot:
Come fly with them: Upcoming 'Pan Am' TV show capitalizes on '60s airline style
article by Mary Forgione, LA Times

It has a bit of Catch Me If You Can essence... adventure, sex appeal, and young stupidity all combined together.  And of course, it takes place during the glorious travel days of the 1960s.  The commercials look pretty promising, so it may become a new must-watch for me.  Ah, which reminds me... I should blog about the '60s-themed wedding I went to recently.  Congratulations Girl & Boy!

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