Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post 92: Bacon Shortage (OC: Costa Mesa)

With the extreme heat and dry weather this summer, crops such as soybeans and corn have suffered.  Because the quantity of pig feed made from soybeans and corn are in short supply, farmers have had to cut back on food for their swine.  In turn, the pigs are not growing as large and as fat as expected.  As a result the commodity price for pork has recently increased, which has caused some media outlets to report that there will be a major shortage of bacon and other pork products.  Talk about chain reaction.  It looks like the end of the world really will come by December.  Whether the end of the world arrives or not, we really should live our lives to the fullest... and means EAT MORE BACON.  And if you really care about your life, you'll exercise it off afterward (ha).  When I first got wind of the bacon shortage, I sprang into action and headed over to Rooster Café, the local breakfast hub in Costa Mesa, for some bacon and eggs.  It's all I needed to satisfy my hunger and consequently calm my panic attack.

Although there is a lunch menu also, Rooster Café is known for everything breakfast related... scrambles, burritos, and simple plates like my bacon and eggs.  They have taken the breakfast burrito once step further also; there are breakfast tacos.  What I really like what this local joint is that instead of the usual grilled potatoes served alongside a breakfast plate, there is an option of having brown rice instead.  The brown rice is good by itself, but I do enjoy it with a bit of runny yolk, a pat of butter and a dash of hot sauce.

It's a friendly place.  Many patrons are gathered to meet friends for brunch, but many of the diners eat by themselves... whether at the counter or outside with a copy of the morning paper.  One of the women who takes orders is what I call the "Laker lady."  She's always excited to share that she is a regular season ticket holder at Staples Center and that Kobe and her are "homies."  I can always tell by the stance she takes while hovering over the counter that she is not just a basketball super fan, but she has definitely played many a game in her life.  When she pours orange juice, it even sounds like she makes a swish into the glass.

The menu displayed inside proudly states that 96.3% of their food comes from local farmers markets.  Perhaps that is where the bacon comes from too. Never mind that.  The goal of the day had been accomplished.  Bacon prices soar... Michael nabs crispy fried bacon and eggs.  Now off to the office!

I've just decided that the remaining posts for this month will have to do with pork, bacon, or my favorite... PORK BELLY.  Yum! Until  next time, let's get S.O.F.A.T.

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