Sunday, September 4, 2011

F.A.T. News 9: Food Becomes Fun

Food is food is food is food.  But food becomes fun whenever a creative idea gets executed in a unique fashion.  These two articles sparked my interest, but the images in the articles are what really captured my attention.

Proud of the hint of Taiwan here:
Designs on Dining
article by Jenn Garbee, LA Times / photographs by PEDEN + MUNK

The caption of the first image from "Designs on Dining" reads, "Taiwanese fog: Golden Xuan tea, dairy orbs, crisp honey and citrus essence."  I'm not sure how the Taiwanese fog is supposed to be eaten... or whether it's supposed to be eaten at all.  Is it meant to be looked at? Or just smelled? Either way, it's really cool that the Golden Xuan tea from Taiwan's famous Alishan (or Ali Mountain) has made its way to the innovative dining experience.  The high altitude of Alishan in Nantou County of Taiwan and its high levels of moisture makes for some of the most renowned tea in the world.

This may spark a trend:
article from AFP

These Angry Birds mooncakes are pretty cool.  Someone at work who has never heard of mooncakes before went crazy over this article and asked me to bring some back to the US if I happened to drop by HK.  If Maxim's Group decided to sell these outside of Hong Kong, they would definitely make a pretty penny out of this.  I'm not too sure about the chocolate and the pomelo flavors though, but I can definitely get used to Angry Birds mooncakes in lotus flavor.

Continue the creativity, food industry! Props to Roberto Cortez and Maxim's Group for contributing to the new trends in food innovation.

ML - 20110904 TW

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